Setting up your Classroom Account

1. Log onto
2. In the column on the left hand side of the page, go the section titled New Users Register Now and click on “Go”.
3. On the page that appears, select Teachers Register.
4. Fill in the requested information. The username and password you create is for your log-in – not the name of your class.
5. If your information is accepted, you will go a screen and be prompted to click on “account information” (this is where you can change your username and password, if you wish,) or “class information” (this is where you will add your students’ names).
6. At the “Class Information” screen, select “empty class”. This is where you will name the class your students will join and decide if you want to set a minimum or maximum quiz level.

Setting up Student Accounts

1. Once your class is set up, go to
2. In the left hand column, click on “New Users Register Now”.
3. On the page that appears, select “Kids Register”.
4. On the page that appears, select “At School”.
5. On the registration page you will be entering
a. Student’s first name
b. First letter of student’s last name
c. Create a username
d. Be aware that some students may have the same name and/or initials. Keep a list of how you enter students, so if you add something to differentiate, you can have that information for the student.
e. We have also added the room number to differentiate among students in the school – for example janed12
f. Password – you may have the same password for all students in your class.
g. Finally, the class information – the name of your class and your class name.
h. It is not necessary to fill out the optional information.

Viewing Your Class

1. Log into your area
2. Select “Class Reports” in the left hand column
3. Select the class you want to view
4. You may also select the student you want to view

Creating A Book List

1. While in your area, click on “Book Finder” in the left hand column.
2. Fill in the requested information
3. Click on “Submit”
4. A book list suitable for printing will be generated

Taking a Test (Students)

1. Student will log in with their username and password
2. If they want to take a test, they will select “Quiz-O-Matic”
3. Students can select a book by typing in the title or author (They must select which search they want to use in the selection window)
4. Once they select a book, they will be given the quiz
5. Depending on the grade level of the student, they must get a score of 80% or 90% to pass
6. They make take a test twice

Deleting Students

1. Log into you area.
2. Click on “Account Info.”
3. Locate your class, and click on the “Edit” link
4. Scroll down to usernames and proceed to delete each student from the class.
5. You should delete each individually - if you delete a class, the student and his/her records will be changed into a "Home" account.