Creating A Slideshow in iPhoto
iPhoto is such a great program. You can do so many creative projects with your photos, one of which is to create a slideshow complete with effects and music.

To create a slideshow:

First, you have to prepare and select your photos
1. Look over your photos, decide which ones you want to use, and fix any pictures that may need touching up. To edit a photo, click on the photo, then “Edit” in the bottom toolbar.

· Rotate allows you to rotate your picture
· Crop allows you to crop out any surrounding sections of the picture you may not want or need.
· Straighten allows you to straighten a picture that might be a little crooked.
· Enhance is like the magic want that it is. If you have a picture that is too dark, or a little washed out, click on enhance and the picture will be better.
· Red Eye has two options – click on “auto” and it’ll take minor red-out. If that doesn’t work, click on the button in the size bar, and move it left or right to make the “target” larger or smaller, then put the target on the red eye you want to correct and click.
· Retouch will allow you to remove a blemish or small mark from a photo.
· Effects allows you to add certain effects to your photo, - for example, to change it to black and white or sepia or to blur the edges.
· Adjust can be used for advanced editing.
2. Once you’ve fixed the pictures to your satisfaction, you’ll need to select pictures you want to use and place them in an album.
· To select a series of photos without any gaps in between selected pictures, hold down the shift key and click on the first and the last photo you want to select.
· To select individual photos, hold down the command key and click on the photos you want to select
3. Go to File, select “New Album from Selection”.
4. Title the Album, then click OK..
5. Your Album will appear in the left hand column, under Albums.
6. Once your pictures are in an album, you can rearrange the order by clicking on a picture and dragging it where you want it.

To Create your Slideshow

1. Click on the album you want to use for your slideshow.
2. Click on the + enter a title, then select slideshow.
3. The Slideshow toolbar allows you to add themes, music and change settings.

· Themes give you a choice of how you want your pictures displayed in the slideshow. Be careful of the Ken Burns effect. While it looks cool, it can cut off portions of your pictures in the slideshow.
· Music allows you to choose the music you want to play. While you are in the Music window, you can choose the source from which to pick your music:
o Theme Music
o Sample Music
o iTunes Music (if you have music in your iTunes library). Once you have selected the theme, music and setting, preview you slideshow. To hear what the music sounds like, click on the sheet music with notes next to the name of the music. Also be aware of the length of the music – if you have a short slideshow, you may want to have a shorter piece of music. When you find what you want, click Apply.

Copy-right Free - Fair Use Music
There are sites that offer copyright Free music that can legally be used on slideshows prepared for distribution. An easy to use one is

Free Music Archive -

You can select music by genre, and also sub-genre. In the lower left hand corner, you can select how many tracks you want to appear on the page. To listen to your selection, click on the
To hear the music, click on the triangle.
To download the music, click on the down arrow
To add the music to iTunes, open the download

· Settings allow you to control settings such as how long the slide is shown, fit the slideshow to the music, or repeat the slideshow.
4. Once you chosen a theme, music and settings, preview your slide show to see if you want to change anything.