Easy Grade Pro 4.0
Set-Up Steps

1. Click on the icon and select “Create a New Gradebook.

2. Name and save it.

3. Select “Add Class”.

4. Type in the Class name (i.e. Grade 8 Math)

5. Select “Term 1”.

6. Go to “Edit” Class Options

7. For “Scale” Select Standard and type in minimum scores

8. Check to see if “rounding” is the way you want to do it.

9. Go to category to type in categories (i.e. homework) and weight, if desired.

10. Go to score, and adjust missing assignments, etc. if you choose.

11. Click “Done”.

12. To add students, click on “Tool”, then “Add”, then “Student”.

13. Type student’s last name, first name, then press return.

14. Go to add class and type in a name.

15. Click on “term”.

16. Then “copy students from another class”.

17. Select copy from (class) copy to (classes) then select student names

18. To add assignment: Click on “add assignment”

19. Select category, max score, and check date.