PhotoPeach Instructions
Create New Slideshow:

1. Click on Upload Photos
2. Select photos you want to include
3. In the screen that appears after you upload your photos, you may change the order in which the photos will appear in the slideshow, or delete any photos you don’t want. When you have your photos arranged in the order you want, click on Next.
4. Type a title for you slideshow in the box under Slideshow Title.
5. You may change the speed of the slide show in the dropdown menu next to Speed.
6. In the box marked Description, you make type in captions to appear under the pictures. After you type in a caption, press enter and type in the caption for the next slide. Click on Next.
7. Select the music you want to play in the background of your slideshow. Click on Finish.
8. Your slideshow will appear in a new window.
9. To protect the privacy of your slide show
  • Click on the yellow button marked Edit
  • Leave the slideshow unlisted
  • Click on Manage Comments
  • Select Don’t Allow Comments
10. Your slideshow can appear in a story format or a spiral format. Select the format at the bottom right hand corner of the slideshow.
11. You can embed your slideshow in your Wikispaces wiki
  • a. In PhotoPeach, click on the pencil that will appear when you move your cursor to the right hand side of the slideshow.
  • b. At the top of the window that appears click on the button marked copy next to the format you want to embed.
  • You will get a message saying you have to change the format of the slideshow to Public. PhotoPeach will automatically change the format.
  • Open your wiki, and click on edit
  • Click on the widget button in the top toolbar.
  • In the window that appears, select Slideshow in the left hand column.
  • Click on Other.
  • Paste the embed code you copied from PhotoPeach into the text box that appears.