QuizSnack is a website that allows you to create a poll and collect results online for free (other options require a paid subscription. To create a poll:

1. Have your poll/quiz questions ready.

2. Go to http://www.quizsnack.com/

3. If you have not already done so, register. If you are registered, sign in.

4. Click on “Create a Quiz”

5. Select the type of quiz you want to create (Note: These are for collecting information, not testing knowledge).
a. A Poll has one question, one answer
b. A Survey has multiple questions

6. Type in your Quiz question(s) and answers.

7. If you check the box next to “Shuffle ”, the options will be randomly shuffled for each person who views the poll.

8. If you check the box next to “Show Results Button”, viewers will have the option of click a button to see the results of the poll thus far.

9. Click on “Save and Customize”.

10. You can select a template by clicking on the name, or preview it by clicking on “preview”.

11. If you have set a background and don’t like it, go “preview your playlist on a different background or reset background color” at the bottom of the page.

12. When all is to your satisfaction, click on “publish” in the top right hand corner of the page.

13. The easiest way to include the poll on your wiki is to publish the link, which will give you access to the poll.

14. To put the link in your wiki, after you click on "Publish", your poll will appear on the screen, and there will be a link on the bottom that says "Your Quiz Link". Click on that link and it will take you to the quiz. Copy and paste the link that is in the URL at the top of the page into your wiki. (Hint: whenever you add a link, be sure the box next to " new window " is checked.

Who is your favorite Chicago sports team?

15. You will always have access to your quizzes by logging to your QuizSnack account.

16. To view your results as a pie chart or bar graph, log into your QuizSnack account, click on "My published Quizzes", then click on "reporting. Your vote count will be shown, and you can view the results in a pie chart or bar graph.

16. Participants will only be able to vote one time per computer.

17. To delete a Quiz, when you are logged in, go to "My Quizzes" and/or "My Published Quizzes". When you move your mouse over the title of your quiz, a set of actions will appear - select "delete". You need to delete a quiz from both sections.