Creating Your Wiki

Wikispaces for Educators is now Wikispaces Classroom. A good video tutorial is offered by Wikispaces at:
In the meantime, here's written "Cliff's Notes". While there may be some differences, the basic idea behind the instructions remains the same.

· Go to
· Click on “Get Started”
· Enter username, password and email address
· Click on “Join”
· Enter the name of your wiki (whatever you put will be in the address bar – so be aware of what will show up).
· Select the bubble marked (Protected free)
· Wiki Type – k12 Education
· Click on “create”
· You will see a “Getting Started” Page. Any time you want to see it, just click on “Help” at the top menu bar and this page will appear. As you are getting familiar with using Wikis, the page will help you become more comfortable with the process.
· To make your Wiki ad free, click on “Manage Wiki” in the left hand menu bar.
· Click on “Subscription” under Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
· Locate “Request a complimentary upgrade to Plus for K-12 Education.
· Click on the box certifying that it will be used for educational purposes, then click “submit”

Designing Your Wiki
Now you're ready to design the Wiki – This will be your home page – think of it as the cover of a book.
· Click on “Manage Wiki” on the left menu bar.
· Click on “Look and Feel” under “Settings”
· Pick your Theme and click “Apply”. You can change your theme at any time.
· In the left hand column, click on “Home” and it’ll take you back to your Wiki.
· Let’s start your Home Page. Click on Edit. (You will basically be deleting what’s on here and typing as though you were using Microsoft Word.)
· To change the font, size or color of your text, click on “T” at the top menu bar.


Starting a new Page
· Click on” New Page”. (The location of this link will vary depending on the theme you chose)
· Type in the title of the page, then click on “create”.
· Edit this page, just as you created the Home Page”.
· Remember to Save.
· You can keep the page up as long as you want.
· You can add to any page, at any time, just click on edit.
· If you want to delete this page,
· Click on “Manage Wiki”
· Under “Content” click on “Pages”
· Next to the page you want to act on, click on “Actions” and select what you want to do.
Visit the help page on your wiki to get information on how to create and add to your pages. There are articles, as well as video tutorials that should answer any questions you might have.
To get an idea of the many ways wikis can be used, visit:

Limiting Access
· Click on “Manage Wiki”.
· Go to “Settings”.
· Click on “Wiki Info”.
· Scroll down to “Discussion Settings”
· Select “No Discussion Pages”.

Adding a graphic or video
First, prepare your media. Save your picture, get your youtube video or photopeach slideshow all ready.
If you are using a YouTube video,
· clean up the video so that the only thing that appears is the clip by putting it through
· The easiest way to do this is to set up ViewPure on your toolbar.
o Go to the ViewPure site.
o At the bottom of the page, see Use it Anywhere. As instructed, click and hold the button that says “Purify” and drag it onto your bookmarks toolbar.
o Once it’s on your toolbar, all you have to do is click on “Purify” once you have your video and it will take out everything but the video clip. (You still have to manually close the ads by google by clicking on the x to close them out)
o On the tool bar at the bottom of the video, you will see a triangle. Click on the triangle, and then click on the icon that pops up (a square, with a grey square and lines on it),
o This window will the appear next to your video
o You will be able to embed the entire clip on your page,
To Embed a Video (Have the video open in a separate window)
· While on the page on which you want to place the video, click on “Edit”.
· In the tool bar at the top, click on “Widget”.
· Click on “Video”
· Select “Other”
· On the page with the original video, get to Embed and double click in the box.
· Go back to your wiki page, and paste the address in the box that appears.
· Click on “Save”.

Adding a Picture or graphic
· Save the photo to your desktop
· While on the page on which you want to place the photograph, click on “Edit”.
· Place the cursor where you want to place the image
· Click on “File” in the toolbar.
· Click on “Upload Files”.
· Select the graphic you want to upload.
· Double click on the graphic and it will appear on the page. An editing window will appear with the picture that allows you to align, change the size or delete the picture. You can bring this window up at any time by just clicking on the picture.

Adding a link

(Before you add a link, it helps to have the page you want to link to open in a different window.)

When you are in the edit mode:
· Click on the link button in the tool bar
· Select the tab marked “External Link”.
· In the window that appears, the name of the link you want to activate will appear under “Link Text”.

· Add the URL in the box marked “Address”. While you may just type in the address, a good way to be sure you have the address correct is:
o Go to the web page you want to link to (have it open in another window)
o Highlight the address in the URL window and copy it
o Go back to window with the edit link box and paste the address in the box marked address (be sure there is a check mark in the box next to "new window")
· Click “Add Link”.

In September, 2011, Wikispaces annouced a new feature called "Projects" to make it easier for teachers to projects designed for group work. The website has step by step instructions for setting up a Projects Wiki.