Creating Word Clouds Using Wordle
1. Go to ****
2. Click on "Create"
3. You may:
a. Cut and paste text from another source (i.e word document, web page)
b. Although you can type words directly into the text box on the screen; it’s advisable to type them in a Word document, save the document, and then cut and paste from the document. Once a Wordle is created, you can’t make any changes, so it you notice a misspelling, or want to add something, you’d have to start again. If you have the text saved in a Word document, you can simply delete the Wordle you created, make the changes in the Word document, and then re-cut and paste into a new Wordle.
4. The more times you type the word, the bigger it will be
5. Use ~ between words to keep them together
6. When you’re done, click Create
7. To change the look of your Wordle you may
a. Click the random button at the bottom of the screen and stop when you see one you like
b. Click the font button at the top of the screen to select a font
c. Click the layout button to change the look and arrangement of the letters
d. Click on the color button to change the color palette of the wordle
8. If you paste a very length document in the word cloud and want to limit the number of words that will appear, go to the layout button, click on maximum words and enter the maximum number of words you want to appear.
9. Although you can print just by using the Print button on the bottom of the screen, it’s not a bad idea to first save it as a pdf. That way, if there’s a problem with a printer, you have it saved and can reprint as necessary. To do this:
a. Click on the Print button at the bottom of the screen
b. When the print window appears, click on the pdf button at the bottom of the screen and select save as pdf.
c. Once it is saved, you can then open the pdf and print it.
ITC Guides has a short tutorial on using Wordle; however, follow the instructions for printing that are on this wiki, rather than the ones on the tutorial.
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